Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Oh Christ

Only 25 days now until the Great North Run half marathon. I'm going to have to pull my socks up if I'm going to reach my target of 1:45 - 1:50. Right now I feel about ten years off it. Ten years in the past to be frank. When I was 25 it would have been a piece of cake. Now I'm not so sure.

The last time I ran it - in 2005, I creaked in at 2:20. The week previously I'd pulled my medial collateral ligament in my left knee. Like the stubborn toss pot I am though, I was buggered if I'd waste all the training I'd done.

So I dosed myself up on 1G Paracetamol and 800MG Ibuprofen and set off. I felt nothing until the last four miles when my knee cap nearly exploded out of my leg. I limped past the finish post half an hour after the target time.

Stoopid I know, because I was off my feet for three days and endured three months of physio just to get up to a half mile jog. A sage lesson - never run when injured.

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