Sunday, 2 September 2007

Grenville Christian College

And so another religious educational establishment pops up on the radar. This time from Ontario, Canada.

The Grenville Christian College has recently closed amidst allegations of abuse and malpractice. Whilst its headmaster toes the official line and states in a press release that "changing demographics, declining enrolment, and increasing operating costs" forced the closure, another senior staff member comes out with this - "What was done to people at GCC was very wrong, I was very wrong. And I am so sorry for all the hurt that was caused to each of you by me and by all of us in positions of leadership.” (Joan Childs)

According to the article "former students have described a bizarre environment where they were hauled from their beds in the middle of the night to be harangued for hours by staff at so-called light sessions about being sinners."

Now, I'm cautious when I read this kind of stuff, as my gut tells me to be outraged and I've learned not to trust it over the years. This could simply be one or two bitter students and a harangued ex-staff member.

I came across this message board however populated by 'survivors' of the GCC. Given the volume of posts about the college, it seems the story is bang on. So, I'll let my outrage run unfettered then...

An ex-student / survivor posted this message about his experience of Ms Joan Childs within his 1st 24 hours there;

"We had been at Grenville for not even 24 hours when my [father] and I were walking with Joan to the compulsory evening chapel.

I was walking in the middle of Joan and my Dad (so I could be watched), when Joan happened to find me in the unfortunate circumstance of having gum in my mouth. (still hadn't gotten the hang of things and was in the throes of adolescence).

Well, Joan turned and with anger demanded that I SPIT my gum into my father's hand. I said, "Spit?" (thinking with alarm ... Wouldn't you rather I remove the gum with my fingers and place it into his hand? I mean, aren't I supposed to be learning to show respect to my "rightful authorities" here?)

So I made mistake number two, and asked "Why spit?" And she got furious and stepped in front of me, had my Dad hold his hand out, and demanded I spit the gum into his hand. So, well, I did.

Well, my Dad, not really ever having caught an airborne piece of gum before (and not really wanting to), dropped it accidentally. He knew and I knew at that instant that it was an accident.

But as I lifted my head up, after watching it fall, Joan threw her arm back and slapped me VERY HARD across my face! It was all I could do to keep the pejoratives in my head ... and I replied angrily, "It was an accident!!!"

And, my dad meekly (and too quietly) followed up with, "it was an accident."

This did not deter Joan and she escorted us, with accompanying lecture about my "sin" (uh-huh, you got me convinced, lady), to the chapel.

(Sorry for the irreverent tone of this post, don't mean to offend anyone, but it had a touch of comedy even then ... of course being both angry at the injustice and humored by it got me in more trouble ... too bad it shaped my opinion of her so dramatically ... and ticked me off for years!)"
I guess Joan Childs has got her apology in before the court cases start to come. Mind, I've noticed that many of the posters on this board apologise, like the above, when even a vaguely critical comment has been made. It seems guilt will always be with them. Perhaps no one will sue, as it must be their fault they're going to hell.

I do have some sympathy for Joan. Her public apology has took some mettle. It's also very likely that she was under pressure from an authoritative system and probably abused psychologically herself.

And after all, what can be more abusive than man's notion of God eh?

So, lets join with Joan as we sing the GCC's favourite hymn;

“You are wrong, you are wrong,

“No matter what you say or do,

“You'll always be wrong.”


Zoe said...

Sick isn't it. I didn't even know this place existed.

Can you imagine a teacher slapping your kid across the head and then carrying on and leaving the kid there?

I'm going to have to check out the message board.

jamon said...

Awful indeed Zoe. I can't imagine the limp acceptance of that kid's father. I swear, if I witnessed that happening to one of my kids her lord would only know my wrath!

Anonymous said...

I went to GCC and came across your blog when I did a search to find if there were any new articles. Thanks for your is very interesting to get an outside perspective!
(KRWG and Lightsout)

Marion said...

I went to Grenville for 7 years. Thank you for this post, and for bringing this to so many people's attention.

Thank you.

jamon said...

Hi Marion & Anonymous. Thanks for dropping in. I'm glad you found this post of use - yours are stories that should be shared I think.

Lucas said...

GCC closed due to mismanagement and declining enrollment (the budget simply wasn't black).

These allegations are surfacing BECAUSE the school is closing. Not the other way around. Lots of GCC students were hurt by the actions of the staff and other students. The news of the closure spread fast through the alumni community. Nobody is going to care about stories at a school that closed years ago. These stories are going to come out NOW. Saying the school closed because of the allegations simply makes shocking news. Though completely untrue, it yields the dripping wet sensationalized news story we all crave.

Keep watching. These few stories are the tip of the iceberg.

jamon said...

Hi Lucas, You're right to point that out - the story is indeed mana from heaven for those looking for sensation.

However, parhaps the mismanagement and abusive regime is interrelated. Now, I'm far from the action I'll admit, but the declining students / income could well be influenced by the negative reputation that this college would no doubt have developed?

Lucas said...

You're most likely right Jamon. As much as the 'regime' in the last 10 years has been comparatively vanilla to the decades before it, an entire generation of students (myself included) has, it seems, been influenced such that our support became diminished.

'The sins of the father' I suppose. A shame really. Some really fantastic teachers/staff positively influenced thousands of kids there (like most schools). GCC morphed into a very typical boarding school over the last 10yrs or so.

Even Rev. Farnsworth has changed for the better over the last decade. Of course, this doesn't fix the damage he caused, or lessen the volume of the music he's about to face. He had exemplary leadership skills and inspired many people. But, like so many others in these important positions, he missed on loving others like Christ did. Fueling the cycle that leads to... well, blogs like this.

I guess what goes around most definitely comes around. Every time. One way or another.

Anonymous said...

My name is Zoë and I went to Grenville for five years, from 1998-2003. I had never heard these allegations and never in my time at Grenville did I experience any of this. The rules were strict, yes, I didn't always like the rules, but never did anything even remotely similar to abuse happen to me. In fact, Grenville and the friendships I made there and the lessons I learned helped me to become who I am today. I am shocked to hear of these allegations and I am doing my own research into it to try and find out as much as I can. This whole thing has left me very confused and I am determined to find out as much as I can.

jamon said...

Hi Zoë, your experiences just go to show that no story is black and white.

Thanks for dropping in.

Anonymous said...

I went to Grenville for a single semester. Six observations: 1) The environment was designed to apply a constant psychologically disrespectful, harsh, and controlling pressure, 2) this pressure was well hidden, and targeted specific kids, such as myself. The kids who could be perfectly happy in that environment (I'd guess 90% of the population), and the kids from wealthy families overseas had their own parallel experience, so I know that Zoë's comment on this forum are true for her, 3) there was a toxic culture of intolerance robed in religious dogma, 4) judging from the tactics (segregation, humiliating punishment, etc.) that I experienced for my particular "sins" (interested in girls! non-religious! haughty!), the stories of kids who were treated more severely are unsurprising to me 5) Father Farnsworth's son had a sexual encounter in my dorm section with a male student I knew. FF's son was immediately shipped off somewhere, the student was taken out of the school, and the family consented to say nothing. I'd like to know how that student is doing today. 6) This place was it's own universe of deeply maintained ideology. I completely understand how staff like Joan Childs became complicit in unhealthy practices, and I would imagine that her apology is sincere.

Anonymous said...

There are two things in this world that really bother me: injustice and hypocrisy. Both were plentiful at GCC. Everything I've read to date about the abuse rings true with my own experience at the school. I attended the college for one year when it was under the control of the Haigs and the Farnsworths. Haven't read much about Haig, but he was a bonified creep and a pervert. His wife, replete with her own personal salon in the monastery, was the biggest prima donna to walk the earth. If you ask me, all four of them were a greedy bunch of power hungry sadists lusting after the souls of the meek.
It took the gang of four less than a week to single me out as a threat (admittedly, they told my parents I was very polite and a good student... it's just that I had a 'negative' spirit of Christ). From that time on, I endured myriad psychological tactics intended to break me. Physical punishment was also meted out by staff.
I'm just grateful my parents weren't associated with the community of Jesus because, at the end of the day, I got to walk away from the godforsaken place.
Why didn't the story break sooner?
As Geroge Orwell once said: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Big Brother was watching us. And the revolutionary guard at GCC and the Community of Jesus used all its might to break the spirit - and the credibility - of any individual hoping to break the silence.
Anonymous, aka Lady Bracknell

jamon said...

Hi anon's - glad to hear you got out safely - the place is sounding more horrific with each comment.

Anonymous said...

Zoe I attended during the mid to late 80's. Farnsworth left before you arrived and the links between GCC and The Community of Jesus which has been labeled a cult by a number of experts on the subject who have studied it, were diminished. This is why you will find no stories of abuse post 1997. I was there during "the dark ages" and I saw it all. As sensational as these stories may seem, believe me, Grenville was stranger than any Southern Gothic novel.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Zoë again. In the previous comment to mine it was stated that Father Farnsworth had left during my time. This is not true at all. He was no longer headmaster, but he was still a very prominant figure at the school. He actually acted as my counsellor for two years. I would meet with him, alone, for one to two hours every week for two years. He never did or said anything inappropriate. He has remained a close friend since I graduated. Also, someone else stated that certain kids were targeted... I would have been a prime candidate. I wasn't baptised, not religious, and I was rebellious. I was in Army Cadets too which they HATED. I'm not trying to negate anything that did happen (in fact the more I have read and researched, the more I have to believe it even if I don't want to), merely that I never heard of it, it never happened to me even tho I would have been the ideal candidate, and that this has left me very confused.

Anonymous said...

I was at GCC for the 1976-77 term and was serverly beaten with the paddle so bad I couldn't sit nor walk properly for at least a month. I have some problems now that would be the same as if a bully at school picked on me and beat me up and I had to see him every day for the rest of the school year. Farnsworth is the bully that ruined my youthfullness and plagues my memories of a year gone wrong. I hope he will see what his actions have caused so many such grief.

jamon said...

Hi Anon,

I'm so sorry to hear of your experiences. It infuriates me to hear that even 30 years later, this place still haunts people.

Anonymous said...

I escaped GCC in 2005. Though the experience I had was quite different than the abuse described by the media, I still fear the school all the same. If you were extremely religious you immediately became a favorite of the staff (this was about 10% of students), if you were from overseas and ESL the staff left you alone (around 60%) the 30% who didn't fit into these categories were subjected to verbal abuse and criticism coming from all angles. All I wanted was to be a normal high school girl, but I was constantly reprimanded for what I now know was a perfectly normal interest in things like fashion and boys. I did not have a very religious back ground and was constantly lectured on God. At 13 years old I worked on a science fair project on hypnosis and esp and was told this was on par with believing in the devil and I was playing God and made to pray for hours. My house master constantly came to pray with me. I came home on breaks bewildered and my family began to realize that my social skills were deteriorating. My last year I suffered through a personal problem and the school offered me a sort of anxiety medicine to help me sleep. The medication did the opposite and I became a paranoid wreck. At this point every single other girl in the dorm that did not fit either category developed an eating disorder. We all knew and it was our own little secret to help us survive. The female dons knew as well, and instead of offering support would make comments on our shallowness and look down at us in disdain. At one point one of the female dons smoked weed with some of the girls (which was an unbelievable sin at this school) and got the girls in a lot of trouble for it. Depression ran rampantly. There was 45 minutes between study hour and check-in where the few students who were out casted would sit together in despair and talk about the outside world, no joke it was like the depression club. This said I sought refuge in a couple amazing teachers (Eli Sukunda, god bless that man) who understood the pain we went through, and fought to protect us. The school responded by firing them and bringing in more of the religious fanatics we feared. The happiest memories I have from that school are when we were breaking the rules. When we snuck into each others rooms late at nights to eat junk food and talk, walking down to the water during spares and enjoying a moment of peace, secretly holding hands with the only person who cares and realizing their was some sort of humanity. The summer after my last year was spent in isolation as I came home a shadow of the person I was, crying at a moments notice. Afterward I finished my high school career at a different boarding school and realized that my experience at GCC was anything but normal. I still can't admit to anyone that I was a student there because I have trouble talking about it, it's so hard to explain the feelings the staff and the atmosphere would leave in you. But the belief that GCC was a normal boarding school in the last 10 years was NOT true. Dunn, Sukunda, Ozzy... thank you for making sure there was some semblance of reality.

Alynne said...

Zoe ... Im not sure if you ever remember me... my name is Alynne Robertson. I went to school about the same time as you did, for a year and a half when I was in grade 7 and 8. I wanted to say thank you for being there and being my friend during those years. Look me up on facebook some time ... im under Alynne Hoddinott now. As for the allegations : I was never struck by a staff member in my time there, nor did I ever see anyone else get hit, but the reason I left was because of work hours (time where you were not allowed to go to school for several days and had to work in the kitchen during those hours) I was a pot scrubber, and I was not allowed to speak to my class mates or friends during the school hours (we ate in a communal dining hall each meal, buffet style). I got this for my apparent 'lying'.

I can only thank God I had people like Zoe and some of my other friends (you know who you are). I would like to add that some of the teachers at that school, Mrs Hathaway and the like, were to this day some of the best and kindest teachers I ever had. They do not deserve to be cast into this boiling pot of critism that is surrounding the school.

jamon said...

Hey Alynne,

Thanks for dropping by - I hope Zoe gets your message.

Do you know about the Message board for GCC here?

It looks a pretty active place for you ex students - perhaps you could track down some more of you school mates there?

Glad you got out of the place intact.

F.U.G.C.C said...

You know it's funny, i have a friend that went to grenville the same time as me, and she really got alot out of it, enjoyed the school, did what she was told, I on the other hand was one of the "problem students" and the reason nothing has surfaced now is because no-one ever believe's the problem kids untill it's way to late and they've all gone on to be lawyers. this took time and an immense amount of courage, so just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it wasn't happening. grenville was one of the worst experiences of my life and i still am not ok from the things that went on there. but there is a difference between abuse and strict rules...and i think that as long as we are talking about it and the ones that went through it are validated thats what's important. anyone who says the scholl was great and that never could have happened is just as bad as they are.

F.U.G.C.C said...

and see it couldn't have been that great i can't even spell school.

jamon said...

Hi FUGCC (I'm guessing what that means), thanks for commenting and sharing your experience of the place.

Anonymous said...

I went to grenville from kindergarten to grade 3 (1995-1999), i wasnt a boarding student i lived in brockville and commuted every morning. I dont have any particularly bad memories of the staff or school, although i had few friends there and the staff made very little effort to help me out. I dont remember much, but there were some awkward religious moments were i got into alot of trouble simply because i was not from a religious family and didnt know that i was offending anyone. I never saw anyone being hit or beaten or any other kind of unusual punishment. @ Anonymous who said something about Father Farnsworth's son having a sexual relationship with one of the boys at the school. i have a hard time believing that because don farnsworth worked at the school until its closure and coached my soccer team. he was never sent away. i know this because my family is vaguely acquainted with him. If you're mistaken and thinking of FF's grandson, that also cant be true because i know him and he has never been sent away, and i know looks can be deceiving but i really doubt he would do something like that.

Its also important to note that the school is not closing because of the allegation of abuse. These stories arose in the fall after the school closed in July. It had been going down hill for years, There fewer and fewer students every year because of bad management and rising fees. Those were the reasons my parents took me and my brother out, not because of abuse.

jamon said...

Hi Anon, I'm glad you didn't experience any of the abuse that others did there.

You are probably right that the school failed due to "bad management and rising fees", however in my experience of running Mental Health services, poorly governed places are breeding grounds for bad practice and (perhaps inadvertent) abuse.

So, I maintain that the two factors of bad management and abuse are probably interrelated.

Anonymous said...

Father Farnsworth had more than one son....

drywaller said...

you talk about the "problem" kids at the school. lets see if you can remember me. my name is James Heath. to the people that know me, is was more than just a problem. i did not have any respect for anyone there or myself. but that did change when i arrived att GCC.they thaught me to have and so respect to other people. and they DID NOT dehumanize me in the process. do you people not remember...CORRECTTION IS NOT REJECTION, or are you to scared to remember that. you talk about the abusse that went on there. in my years of attending GCC, i was NEVER abused in anyway. i am very, very proud to tell people that i went to GCC. mabey instead of pointing your fingure at the staff and the school, you should look at your own life first. did you ever think that mabey you were the problem and not them. mabey it is time for you to GROW UP and take so responceabiltty for your own actions in life. untill then, if you have nothing nice to say about GCC, then mabye you should keep your comments to yourself.

jamon said...

James, I think the post and subsequent comments do reflect this balance. It's clear that not all students were abused, or that each had a traumatic experience.

However, there's enough of them to raise serious concern about GCC, surely?

Finally, a bit of advice - if you're going to be confrontational, then make sure you spell check first.

Anonymous said...

I went to GCC from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. I was a student in the 90s. I was a day student, and I did not witness any of these awful happenings. The teachers present during my era were amazing and I do not regret it at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 2005 escaper, You're my friend are a compulsive lier. Yes, I know who you are. Please get a life and may god bless your soul :)

Anonymous said...

I attended GCC from 84-89. The is true and I experienced alot of it. Light sessions, you must be kidding. Being a young man and being verbally abused by four deans at a time like boot camp nose to nose at the top of there lungs for hours. The followers probably didn't have many issues but if you had and identity and your own opinion and questioned authority watch out. I was considered an elite student good grades, star athlete, forced to play sports I didn't have interest in, they expected way more than I was willing to give and that was not a good thing. I knew more about what was going on than the staff did as well as the other top 1% who were the in crowd so to speak. Cold Grits, disipline, silence, separation from friends and family, and they verbal abuse are all true cause I went thrugh it all. Pysical abuse, I had a few hands around my neck, pushed backwards into walls, made to run stairs 1 at a time until 1am, not everyone had control although some did. There were a slect few that Robert Farnsworth, son of Father F, had his eyes on and I was one of them. Lights out bedside visits 2-3 times a week and the morning visits when you were getting changed. I don;t know how many times he would push me down on my bed in a rope only just so he could see my genitals. I know the young man and his story about genital touching and then they were both gone his intials are KG and i believe him. I spoke to Robert Farnsworth at the reunion and called him on his abuse. I saw other staff that I refused to speak with based on how I was treated by them. They are so brainwashed they think they have done no wrong. I can honestly say that I personally made some peoples stay harder than it should of been and I regret that now. There are lawsuits pending an these allegations and i wish those people luck. I was there for 4 1/2 years and saw it all including the paddle. One of a set of male twins got it pretty good TG and GG as too not being able to sit etc, skin broke bleeding. The constant pounding of religion was relentless as well and if were not part of it you where not part of the "FAMILY" as they claimed. Good friends and education, but all the other was mentally, and physically taxing. SS

Anonymous said...

Wonderful new I was just informed by my son he was sexually abused in the shower by the music teacher - wonderful school it must have been - sad thing is just 2 yrs before he still believed in Santa...its no wonder he skipped music class!

jukijam said...

I attended from 78 to 81 as long as u accepted the brainwashing everything was kool.If not life would be an absolute terror of yoir worst nitmare. I dont want to get into details cuz I'll be here all day
It was far worse than orwells 1984 . I was 12 when I arrived , I ran away twice and made it to Toronto both times only to be sent back to face he gastapos lead henchman Dan Ortaloni, I am now 50 yrs old and vow if I ever cross his path in an open free society were he's not sheltered or protected by his fellow henchmen ; This time he will receive my wrath as he's completely and responsible for my mental issues I suffer from daily.We know U reap what U sew and what goes arountd comes around. If he hasnt gotten his payback yet , I'm certain its coming.I can remember his mourh shouting YOU MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL !!! As he took pride paddling a 13 year old boy. if it dosent come back to him im certain his children shall suffer.This was a sicko place for the non controlled independent mind. If U remaind in total compliance and submission it could be heaven for the brainwashed .mind..sorry to here bout Robert Farnsworth I was aware of his preferance back in 1980 but I didnt mind cuz I knew he was an independent mind , im not gay but he was a good kid as far as im concerned just grew up around the wrong crew. P.S Dan remember the sins of the father shall fall upon the children .I feel it for your children

oakleyses said...
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oakleyses said...
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Anonymous said...

class action certified... settlement or trial
its time to pay the piper

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Anonymous said...

Anyone here have anymore information on Robert Farnsworth? Were there really this many victims as well of Charles son Robert?

Writing a school report.

Anonymous said...

All i know is what happened to me while going there He never stopped and some of us cried and asked him to stop but he wouldnt. ff had him relocated

Anonymous said...


I know exactly who you are talking about. there was a selct few.
Rev Farnsworth had more then one son.
Everyone knows that Robert had a preference for guys.. that he was "gay"
Being gay does not include forcefully touching and exposing yourself to your fellow students.
The guy had an issue for it then and I'm sure he still does.

His fathers sins did not fall him.. they grew inside of him.

Soon the truth will come out in the lawsuit.

jukam said...

Whats with the sudden hits on this blog?

Like i had previously said I never did anything with Robert Farnsworth and I never seen anything however I do know the stories.
He would force himself on boys that were much younger then him. He would hold them down and touch them as previously stated by some of my other school mates on this forum. One boy came running out of the room crying and screaming for help.
Thats the student that father farnsworth had shipped away. had his students sign a non disclosure agreement and agreed to "treat" robert farnsworth.

I know he did a lot of non consensual sexual stuff to other boys. It was more then being just gay.
his family was very skilled at covering things up.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this is all about robert farnsworth.
I recently had my own encounter with robert farnsworth.
robert was paying my 23 year old ex boyfriend of 6+ years to have sex, robert was giving him a lot of money to do it for three months. In brockville Ontario
it then turns out that Robert has HIV, and my ex knew the entire time, but robert has him lie to me about it and my ex would come home and use no protection with me.
Robert wouldn't use protection with my ex either because "condoms didn't fit him"

Anyways, I wonder how many other people Robert has lied to about having HIV, he told me countless times through text that he had NO STDS OR STI'S
I still won't know if im in the clear for HIV for a little while thanks to robert farnsworth.
Robert also tried to have my ex never tell me that I might be walking around with the guys HIV.
I only found out about it after I begged my ex to tell me if it was true because a man in brockville claimed his friend in kingston got HIV from robert farnsworth because robert wanted to "keep him with him" before the guy broke up with him.
So i begged and begged my ex to tell me... and he told me.

My ex and I also seen pictures of little boys on Robert's phone, no lie or joke, my ex knew about it and came home and googled robert, and found this very blog himself.
Robert farnsworth always talks about needing "young boys cuum" it's very disgusting and very very disturbing. Considering he was paying my ex to give him that... and then had my ex shave his entire body so he was more "boy like"

I hope the entire farnsworth family falls hard when this lawsuits has itsday

Anonymous said...

please send any and all questions about the farnsworth's to

there is a lot of important information available to anyone involved in the lawsuit i have already spoken to three people however i invite anyone else to contact me!

Anonymous said...

newest news article about the lawsuit against the farnsworth family.

"Farnsworth added: ‘We have been accused of many things that I never knew of and never heard of … But I honestly think some of the people have gone delusional. Some of the things they said happened, some of the accusations of sexual abuse by me, they just didn’t happen.”
Many former Grenville staff also vigorously deny the allegations put forward in the lawsuit.
However, Joan Childs, a former teacher and administrator at the school, as well as a follower of the Community of Jesus and one of Farnsworth’s inner circle, told W5 that the students are telling the truth.
“They aren’t exaggerating. They aren’t making these things up. As sad as it is, these things happened.”

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Published on Mon Feb 29 2016

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this place is one of the very few places that hasn't fallen short of censorship and when WE win the lawsuit the truth will come out to everyone.
There was a recent documentary about the GCC that aired on W5. Very informative. It's now on Youtube
I knew Robert Farnsworth in the past and the claims in this lawsuit are things Robert himself stated were truth.
Soon all will come out to the public's eye and justice will be served.

Still relevant.

tireo said...

full grenville christian college recent documentary can be found here on youtube.
investigated by W5

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the disturbing comments made about Robert Farnsworth. It is crucial that anyone who has information to prove these facts go to the police.

If Robert is abusing young boys, it is the responsibility of any adult who knows to report it. Please do what is right to protect those who are underage. The hurt and pain of sexual abuse will stay with each one of them for their entire lives and you can help to prevent this from happening to more young boys.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the prior comment, I strongly urge anyone with information in regards to Robert Farnsworth abusing young males to please contact the Grenville County OPP at 613 925 4221. He needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

robert farnsworth brother of Donald Farnsworth openly denies all these allegations including the ones against charles farnsworth and everyone who claims they were abused at the gcc. he claims these are all comments and allegations by a few sociopaths. he tells every one he can that every word about the things that occurred at the GCC Grenville Christian College are all lies. he is able to manipulate many people into believing that these claims and statements are just stories made up by a few select people.
I hope his local authorities police end the lies by this man. He has made a mockery out of everyone abused by him and his father and the others at the school.
I believe he is in the Brockville - Merrickville Ontario area. I wonder if he still tells 18 year olds he is HIV free before doing things with them.......

September 25 2016

Anonymous said...

From the Ottawa citizen:
"Merrickville-area man charged with historic sexual assault"
"As a result of the investigation, on Wednesday Grenville County OPP charged Robert Farnsworth, 49, of Merrickville-Wolford with one count of sexual assault and one count of gross indecency."

Possibly could be a different Robert Farnsworth. Maybe....

Time served @ GCC (89-90)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Robert Farnsworth will be in court again in Brockville on 21st October and members of the public and press can sit in the public gallery and view the proceedings. Also, if there are any witnesses or victims of "sexual or physical abuse" pertaining to this case or others, that took place during your attendance at Grenville Christian College, please contact the lead investigator: Detective Mike Mulkins at the detachment number: 1-613-925-4221.

Anonymous said...

I was there in 83-84.
As a kid going into that environment, everyone seemed brainwashed to my buddies and I. Walking down the halls like zombies, mimicking staff while saying "YES FATHER" was our only entertainment.
I was stood up during the light sessions in the chapel and dragged out of bed and made to feel that I was Al Capone, for having interests in things that any normal teenage boy would have an interest in. The intimidation and mental abuse, the invasion of privacy, the level of disrespect, its not healthy and can have serious long lasting repercussions on "children"
As a 50 year old man having lived a lifetime since those days, I can unequivocally state I was repeatedly psychologically abused and physically intimidated many times there.
I was a normal kid going in...but not so much coming out.

Anonymous said...

we leave nothing but our thoughts... and memories beneath the dust
so when this body fails to mend...

October 8 2016.

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Published Thursday, October 6, 2016 5:12PM EDT
WOLFORD TOWNSHIP, Ont. -- Provincial police say an eastern Ontario man is facing charges following an investigation into alleged sexual offences dating from 1986 and 1987.
They say the investigation began earlier this year after a man reported being a victim of a sexual assault.
Police say a 49-year-old Wolford Township man was arrested on Wednesday.
Robert Farnsworth is charged with sexual assault and gross indecency.
Farnsworth was to appear in court in Brockville, Ont., on Thursday.
OPP are asking anyone with information about the case to contact investigators.

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The son of a former headmaster of an Ontario Christian school that was closed in 2007 amid accusations of abuse and cult-like practices has been charged with sexual assault for alleged offences dating back 30 years.
Robert Farnsworth, 49, was charged on Wednesday with sexual assault and gross indecency in connection with incidents between 1986 and 1987. The alleged victim was male and under 18 years old. Mr. Farnsworth appeared in a Brockville, Ont., court on Thursday and was granted bail.
He is the son of Charles Farnsworth, the late headmaster of Grenville Christian College, an elite private school near Brockville that was affiliated with the Community of Jesus, a controversial U.S. religious sect often described as a cult. Grenville closed in 2007 after 38 years in operation, citing declining enrolment and rising operating costs.
The closing coincided with a growing chorus of alumni accusing the school of chronic abuse and bizarre religious rites. A $225-million class action lawsuit filed in 2008 alleges former students were “sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually traumatized” by their time at the school. The suit is ongoing.
Heather Bakken, a Grenville alumnus and Toronto resident, expressed relief and a sense of “vindication” that someone connected to the school is facing charges, although investigators would not confirm that the allegations concern Grenville.
Former students have described a climate of intense sexual repression in which women suspected of immoral behaviour were described as “Jezebels” and “bitches in heat,” and romantic relationships between students were discouraged and brutally policed.
Extreme physical punishment was common for students who ran afoul of the school’s stringent rules, a 2007 Globe investigation found. One ex-pupil described being beaten by a teacher using a heavy wooden object until he bled into his underpants.
Charles Farnsworth, a member of the Community of Jesus and an ordained Anglican priest, presided over a culture of religious fervour that many former students describe as frightening and abusive. School staff held what were known as “light sessions,” in which teenagers were taken from their beds at night and placed in a dark room and interrogated about their “sins” with a light shining on them.
The allegations led to an inquiry by the Anglican Church into the two priests who were headmasters of the school, and an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) investigation that ended in 2008 with no charges.
In a release, the OPP said the current investigation began after a man came forward in early 2016 with allegations of sexual assault.
Many former students commented this week on a Facebook group for Grenville alumni, including contemporaries of Robert Farnsworth who believe he was a staff member at the school at the time of the alleged offences, although others recalled him being in Grade 13.
The Community of Jesus was founded by two women known as Mother Cay Andersen and Mother Judy Sorensen, who believed children should be separated from their parents for long stretches to avoid being “idolatrized.” It operated an authoritarian religious compound in Massachusetts that frequently sent its children to Grenville.
The school, which charged up to $35,000 a year in tuition, counted two former Ontario lieutenant-governors, a senator and a former Canadian high commissioner to the U.K. among its patrons

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well project edhelion


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